What We Believe

At Broad St. UMC, we believe that God and God’s will and purposes are revealed to us in many ways – through the Bible, through other stories and other people, but most importantly, through the life of Jesus. We read the Bible through the lens of human experience, our ability to reason, and the traditions of the church. We do not follow a fundamental, literal reading of the Bible. Rather, we trust that God helps us as we wrestle with the sometimes difficult or confusing words in the Bible so we can come to a fuller understanding of what God intends for us and for our world. In this, we follow our Wesleyan heritage, which is based on the teachings and example of John Wesley, an 18th century Anglican priest.

We believe God’s deepest desire is that we learn to live and love as Jesus did. “Getting to heaven” is not our primary goal; rather we believe that our highest calling is to participate in God’s plan of saving the world through our work of seeking justice and being agents of peace wherever and whenever we can.